There is Power in Every Student and Freedom in Education!

There is Power in Every Student and Freedom in Education!

Get it Right as a Student or Parent!

  • Boost engagement and enjoyment!
  • Establish a growth mindset!
  • Build confidence, remove limitations!

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Group Tutoring

Join our group tutoring sessions on the following subjects:

-High School Level Courses

-College Level Courses

-SAT/ACT/GED Test Prep

- Essay Writing

-And Many More!

1:1 Sessions

Growth Academy offers private online tutoring for K-12 students that benefit from individualized attention in their learning process.

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Enrich your education with courses on:

- Leadership

- Writing

- Health and Fitness for Students


- And many more coming soon!

Who are we?

We at growth academy believe in the power in every student. Our job is to create a custom experience tailored to the individual needs of every student so that they can overcome the obstacles before them and reach their academic goals with confidence and excellence.

What makes us great?

  • Flexible Sessions
  • Professional Tutors
  • Supportive Community
  • Growth Mindset
  • Dedication to Excellence

Meet Our Tutors

Naneth Hernandez


All Subjects

Jessica Luongo


High School Courses

David Hernandez


Health and Fitness

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Is Tutoring a Good Fit For My Student?

Growth Academy is the answer if you or your student

Benefits greatly from individualized attention. Lots of students have an unusually hard time among a large group of students. Private tutoring can help bolster their success!

Believes learning should be an adventure. Perspective matters. Learning is a process of growth and change, and it demands attention, intention, and openness. As a student, its important to be ready for the adventure!

Wants to learn, grow, and succeed. Tutoring is a two way street. Good success happens when both the student and the tutor are on the same page and dedicated to the process!

Views education as an investment. A good education will cost time, money, and effort, but if managed properly, the return on investment will come through growth, opportunity, and success!